EECi: How serious are our seniors to hand this country over to us?

Thailand in my point of view has been being in the state of developing country or emerging country since I was born around thirty years ago and it will still remain in the same situation if there is no further action to shift our economy, society, and politics to the novel stage. All aspects are connected to each other as a circle which is called a circle of wealth. Most of the people may point out at politics to be the starting point that we can firstly improve, then economy will get better, and society as the following. In my opinion, we should start with the education which is going to well shape and produce quality citizens who become the main force to manage our country.

In order to disruptively transform our nation, the role of the education should aim not only to transfer basic knowledge to the people, but also need to integrally and seamlessly serve the industrial requirements to drive our economy. In particular, science and technology are known and well proofed so far to be the key success factors to do the job in many developed nations. Our government has made the same decision by announcing the master plan of Eastern Economic Corridor of Innovation (EECi) which is a plan to create an attractive area or hub to do higher education, research, and innovative industry. Both local and foreign technology-based companies are the focus of this plan. However, the higher education and research institute also plays an important role as a back bone of know-how and human resources. The area is categorized into three focused sectors which are ARIPOLIS, BIOPOLIS, and Space Krenovapolis. The ARIPOLIS concentrates on Automation, Robotics, and Informatics whereas BIOPOLIS emphasizes on biomedical sciences. Space Krenovapolis is based on space and geology information. Space information is relatively and genuinely new comparing to other fields in Thailand and its beneficial outcome may not lay in the near future, but it is also included into the plan. This shows the vision of the initiator, preparing for future of our country.

All in all, EECi master plan shows a promising hope and future for Thailand to be transformed into a developed country, whose economy is based on innovative industry. Besides, it shows also serious intention and strategy to shift our education to be in the front row among other nations.


Fig. 1 The development plan of EEC area


Fig. 2 The map showing area of EECi project plan

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